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Human Skills
Human Skills

Some of my friends offer services that are complementary to my own. We have a deep respect and trust in each other, so I thought it would be good to introduce them to you here.


At the moment we have Career Coach Alison O'Leary, Corporate Communications and Service Development Consultant, Dr. Bill Nichols and creator of The Smart Work Value Toolkit, Dr Anne Marie Rattray. I've  also been urged to add my alter ego, Writer and Media Skills Trainer, David Tebbutt.



Career Coach

Alison O'Leary is a certified Martha Beck life coach, specialised in personal and corporate career coaching through her practice, Live True.


In a 19-year career Alison has held a number of senior management positions within the communications industry, most recently as Deputy MD, Europe for Racepoint Global. Coming from a people oriented sector, she specialises in people development, leading coaching and training sessions for individuals, peer groups and teams.

Alison combines insights from corporate and personal coaching work to help bright, spirited people make their career more meaningful, purposeful, fulfilling and successful.

This might mean helping individuals with focus and specialisation in their current career, it may result in a change of career, or for those at a life crossroads, it might mean identifying a second career.


Coaching Programmes:


Progression: Career Coaching
I offer tailored career coaching packages for corporates and individuals to help professionals realise their career potential.


Pathfinder: Changing Career
I guide professionals to reappraise, alter course and make exactly the right career choice, typically whilst still in their twenties and early thirties.


Discovery: Second Career
I help successful people reassess and reprioritise their lives, helping them on the way to a truly fulfilling second career.




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Corporate Communications and Service Development

Bill Nichols is a career PR man who migrated partly to academia after selling his main business, WhiteOaks, in 2008. He completed research at Henley and consults directly in corporate communications and service development under the Astrophel brand.


His major involvement now is in the rapidly-evolving field of health comms. He is deputy director of the Centre for Health Communications Research at Buckinghamshire New University where he authored the new Postgraduate Certificate in HC, now on its third cohort. He is also lead consultant for the University’s Bucks Consulting Group which works principally in the health sector.


Director Astrophel LLP; Non-Exec Chairman The McOnie Agency; Fellow and Deputy Director – CHCR – Buckinghamshire New University; CIPR Founding Chartered PR Practitioner


T: (44) 1252 793641; M: (44) 7831 604643

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The Smart Work Value Toolkit

Dr Anne Marie Rattray is the founder of The Smart Work Company. Her mission is to help people and organisations to become future-capable. 


She says, "So much depends on context. That’s why I’ve developed The Smart Work Value Toolkit to do the following:"


Diagnose – What’s happening? What can you do?
Do Something – Build capabilities through small, practical experiments
Develop – What’s next?


The tools (simple questions, checklists, scorecards, and tools to facilitate practical experiments) can be used to help people think about their own skills and capabilities. They can also be used to explore what needs to adapt in an organisation as the business environment changes.


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My alter ego: Writer, Editor and Media Skills Trainer

David's highly readable copy appears in many publications, but not always in his name. He enjoys nothing more than rendering complex topics comprehensible. He also enjoys turning the ideas of busy business professionals into articles they can publish in their own names. He also frequently turns his hand to editing and sub-editing activities.


David has trained thousands of business professionals in how to handle the awkward squad - mainly print and online journalists. He's also happy to collaborate with PR firms to deliver guest sessions and practice interviews within their own media training workshops.


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