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Human Skills
Human Skills

Faster & better meetings

What drives you mad? Long meetings with disappointing outcomes? Challenging interactions that don’t seem to go where you want? What if you could recognise behaviour patterns in others and use this knowledge to change the dynamics of an interaction for a better result? But how?


In five hours or so, you will be armed to transform your interactions with others, regardless of whether they’re one-on-one, in a team or in a group. You’ll be able to accelerate and improve the results from all your interactions at work and wherever else quality outcomes are important. All while retaining the goodwill of the participants.


David’s training is rooted in deep, real-life, experience. It is deliberately short, it is highly practical, yet it contains three useful models to help you understand interpersonal communications. You will learn how to improve your own behaviours and see how this causes others to modify theirs, probably without even realising why.


The models are:


A Stimulus/Response grid illustrates what lies behind people’s words and helps you polish your responses.

A model of Ego States deepens your understanding of people’s verbal and visible behaviours.

A Life Positions grid gives you another way to help you move people towards more effective behaviours.


The workshop gives you enough theoretical and practical interpreting experience to start appying your new-found skills straight away. If you practise habitually, these new behaviours will soon become second nature to you.


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