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Human Skills
Human Skills

Oiling the wheels of human interaction


Interactive skills workshop

David Tebbutt's workshop introduces you to the idea that 'behaviour breeds behaviour'. After the training, you will be able to understand behaviours and, through simple adjustments to your own, affect the outcome of any meeting in a positive way. You will know when and how to alter your behaviour  in order to get others to change theirs. And they do, often without realising why. This leads to more effective interactions both one-to-one and in meetings. 


This is what you'll learn:


To recognise behaviours

  • How peoples' choice of words enables you to categorise their behaviour
  • The relative power of different behaviours

To choose the right behaviours

  • How people respond to different verbal behaviours
  • Select your behaviours to encourage others to repond appropriately
  • Set behavioural objectives for important encounters

To create effective interactions

  • How your past influences your behaviours and how you can change
  • How to assess people through their language and appearance
  • How easily people get locked in to unhealthy interactions
  • How everyone can move themselves into more effective behaviours

To help others become more positive

  • How to recognise a person's attitude within an encounter
  • How to help them move them to a more positive and productive attitude


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"When I started my behaviour journey 40 years ago, it quite literally changed my life - at work and at home." - David Tebbutt



Feedback from our first-ever delegates

  • "Easy to follow, good mix of diagrams and exercises" - Senior IT person
  • "Simple and intuitive tools to understand and decode people's behaviours" - Designer
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