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Human Skills
Human Skills

Polish your interaction skills

Would you like to make meetings more productive? You can do it as a leader or as a participant. People react to what they see and hear so, by making small adjustments to your behaviour, you can bring about big changes in their reactions. This leads to more positive interactions which leads to more effective meetings.


Anyone can benefit from this advanced behaviour skills workshop, especially people on their first rung of the management ladder or their immediate bosses. What you learn here will also serve you well in the wider context of your life outside work.


The training is down to earth and practical. You will come away with a fresh perspective on your interactions with others. You will be able to ‘read’ people accurately and subtly bring about changes in their behaviour when you believe this would be helpful to your objectives.


Feedback from our first-ever delegates:

  • "Easy to follow, good mix of diagrams and exercises" - Senior IT person
  • "Simple and intuitive tools to understand and decode people's behaviours" - Designer
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